Brushy Creek Engagement Photos: Tara & Evan

I had the privilege of hanging out with these two lovebirds on Tuesday evening for their Brushy Creek Engagement photos in Austin, Texas!  They brought along their sweet fur-baby, Bran, who knows how to WORK IT for the camera!

My favorite thing about Tara and Evan is probably their ability to have fun together.  While fans of opposing teams, they found a way to make it playful.  Their silliness and laughter is quite infectious! 

BOOM!  First family photo!  :D  Bran is just so stinkin’ cute!  I probably squealed way too loud when I shot this next image!  I just could NOT believe that a fur baby could pose this well!  Tara and Evan HAD to have been working with him!  Great job! 

Do you see what I mean about the infectious laughter?! Just looking at how happy these two are together makes me smile!  And that laugh?!? 100% genuine.

This next shot on the left is for Tara’s mom!  Tara says her mother absolutely LOVES photos of couples walking away, so this next one is by special request!  I love that it shows off the back of Tara’s adorable dress, too! 

Tara and Evan did such a great job picking out (or wingin’ it) their background for this session!  Their brushy creek engagement photos are some of my favorites! 

Tara and Evan – thank you SO MUCH for hanging out with me on Tuesday evening and keeping me laughing (probably more than I was shooting) the entire time!  I had an absolute blast with the two of you and your sweet fur-baby, Bran!  I cannot wait for your wedding this fall at Kindred Oaks!  I know it’s going to be a fun day filled with ear to ear smiles and contagious giggling!

– Mylah Renae

Brushy Creek Engagement Photos

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