Lone Oak Barn Wedding Photographer: Shane & Kourtney

There is something about Shane and Kourtney that I absolutely adore – I feel like we were friends in a past life.  They have such beautiful hearts and made Dylan and I feel welcomed throughout their wedding planning process and on their big day.  Kourtney and I share a love for the movie “Pride and Prejudice,” which (I think) is evident in her vintage and romantic wedding style.

It may be hard to believe, but Kourtney made all of her invitations and programs!  I cannot image how much time they took to make, but I love that she made everything about her wedding so personal.

Kourtney even made all the hangers for her dress and her bridesmaids!

After everyone was ready, we headed to Christ Lutheran Church for the ceremony.

Someone did NOT want his picture taken… 

Just after the ceremony, Kourtney and Shane loaded up in the Jeep with Dylan and me (this is only the second couple to ever ride with us), as everyone else had left for the reception and there weren’t any other cars for them to ride in.  HA!  We help out our couples however we can – even playing chauffeur.  :D  The four of us headed out to where we shot their engagement photos, but as soon as we were set to start shooting (and I do mean literally just as we started), Shane and Kourtney were engulfed in mosquitos.  I have a total of two shots of them there on their wedding day: one with Kourtney swatting a mosquito off Shane’s face and another with them reacting to the CRAZY amount of blood-suckers surrounding them.  We ran back to the Jeep where we had to kill about 50 mosquitos collectively.  It was a swarm of mosquitos.  The swarm was a mini-blessing, though, because as we were leaving a torrential down-pour of rain started battering the Jeep.  Kourtney’s dress nor our camera gear could have survived it, so I’m glad we were not out in the rain.  As much as Kourtney wanted to take pictures out at the family ranch for her wedding day, she was THANKFUL for the rain, as the crops need it so severely.  She has a heart of GOLD – truly!  

Driving to the reception, the rain let up just enough for us to pull over to take these shots.  I’m super excited about this location, as I’ve been wanting to shoot here for quite some time.  This back alley is actually where I walk my dog!  :D  This made me love them even more: the fact that Shane and Kourtney were trusting enough to let me pick a totally random location to make up for not being able to shoot out at the ranch.

Just before dinner started, the bridal party prayed over Shane and Kourtney.  It was beautiful.

The maid of honor’s speech was super sweet and the Pride and Prejudice reference was not lost on me, Kelsee!  :D

Shane and Kourtney’s wedding Grand March was so large that the barn couldn’t contain it!

The time and thought they put into their wedding is evident in every detail.  Even their exit confetti was punched by hand into the shape of hearts.  

Round Rock Wedding Venue: Lone Oak Barn

Floral Design: Lovely Leaves Floral

Cakes: lovingly made by Kourtney’s cousin and aunt

Lone Oak Barn Wedding Photographer: Eureka Photography


Kourtney and Shane – THANK YOU for being such an awesome couple to work with and for trusting us with capturing your wedding.  We absolutely adore y’all and wish y’all a lifetime of happiness together!


Mylah Renae

Lone Oak Barn Wedding Photographer


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