Vista West Ranch Wedding Photographer: Megan & Brian

There is something truly special about Megan and Brian.  So much love surrounded them on their wedding day.  So many friends and family were simply happy with them.  So many hugs were exchanged at their wedding.  So many sweet, sweet moments.  There was also a good mix of silly in their day: quirky moments between the two of them and their bridal party.  It was one of our favorite weddings and DEFINITELY one of our favorite couples.

Megan was being pretty strong while getting ready.  Then, we saw her stepdad, who was officiating the wedding ceremony, practicing just outside the window of the bridal suite.  That, I believe, combined with having her wedding dress on, made everything about her day become suddenly real.  

Megan and her mom wore matching gold bracelets. 

Before the craziness of the day began, Megan set aside time to have a special moment with her dad, twin brothers, and stepdad.  All were sweet, quiet moments.

Megan and Brian opted for a first look.  They wanted the opportunity to really breathe in the day and take a few minutes just to themselves.

One of my favorite bonuses of couples choosing to have a first look is that they get a ton more romantic portraits from the wedding day.  It’s no secret that, to me, these images are THE most important ones of the day.

Doesn’t Megan look like Taylor Swift?!?!  SO GORGEOUS!  

I love that Megan’s bridesmaids were able to pick out their own dresses!  They’re more likely to wear the dresses again AND got to find a dress for their individual body types that they were all comfortable in!

PHOTOBOMB!!  Brian got more than a few of my shots throughout the day.  He’s definitely a jokester and kept everyone laughing!

Just before the ceremony, Brian and Megan exchanged love letters.  Brian’s letter had Megan crying and laughing all at the same time.  

The family finally agreed that since Megan would be keeping Brian around for a while, they no longer needed to keep the shotgun around.  Everyone was laughing!

Family and friends enjoyed cocktail hour in the Biergarten, while Megan and Brian took a few minutes to themselves tucked quietly away in the Bridal Suite.  That is, after a TON of hugs from family members excited to welcome, officially, the new addition!  

After a yummy dinner, we snuck out to capture a few more romantic portraits right at sunset.

There was one point where Brian said he couldn’t do something, as he couldn’t take his eyes off of Megan.  It was so sweet and cute!  Something about that was THE PERFECT reaction to have on your wedding day and we would love to see more of it in grooms.  Something about it said these two were head over heels madly in love with each other.

This photo shows the fun, carefree side of these two newlyweds.  I absolutely adore the playfulness they showed towards each other.  More than a couple of ear licks were captured (not shown here), but the laughter that followed immediately after was genuine and made for gorgeous images!  

Megan’s mom won best wedding toast of the night, hands down.  While the Maid of Honor’s classroom accident speech was a close second, Megan’s mom brought half of a Best Friends jewelry piece that Megan had given her mom as a child.  Megan’s mom passed her half to Brian on their wedding day, as he has now taken over as Megan’s best friend.  From what her mom told her in the bridal suite, her mom wouldn’t have shared Megan with anyone else and was glad to see Megan so happy with Brian.  It was beautiful.  

Although dancing went well into the night, we’ll end with their Lavender toss exit from their wedding reception.  

Megan and Brian, words cannot express how happy Dylan and I are for the two of you.  Witnessing your love for each other, how y’all compliment each other so beautifully, and how your family loves and accepts your marriage completely and openheartedly was a blessing to us and IS the reason we chose to photograph weddings.  Thank you for inviting us in, for making us feel like we’ve been friends for years, and for being open to all our crazy requests.  We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with y’all and being able to document such a vivacious couple.  We expect to see y’all in Belize in one year for your anniversary shoot!  ;)


Mylah Renae

Vista West Ranch Wedding Photographer


Vendor Credits:

Dripping Springs Ranch Wedding Venue: Vista West Ranch

Floral: Petal Pushers

Wedding Coordinator: Jaime with Coordinate This

Rentals: Cru Vintage Rentals

Cupcakes and Wedding Cake: Classic Cakes by Lori

Videographer: Complete Events

DJ: Complete Events

Hair & Make-up: Mindy Orsak

Dripping Springs Wedding Photographer: Eureka Photography


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