Wildflower Barn Wedding Photographer: Bluebonnet Barn

Rebecca and Weston flew all the way from Korea to tie the knot in front of their closest friends and family at the Bluebonnet Barn in Driftwood, TX.  It’s part of the Wildflower Barn wedding venue in the Texas Hill Country.  While they were already married, it was important to them to be able to celebrate the special occasion with their loved ones.  It was also a blessing to the loved ones to be able to witness their joy to be married!

Rebecca and Weston chose to do a first look.  I can never speak highly enough of what a beautiful moment first looks are!  They’re a great opportunity to hug on each other before the big moment and to take time to speak your heart to your soon to be spouse.

Rebecca’s BEAUTIFUL bridal bouquet was made by Wow Factor Floral out of Wimberley, TX.

This bridal party was SO MUCH FUN to work with!  They were willing to work the camera and get a little bit silly!  It was WONDERFUL!

Rebecca has a strong background in theatre.  Actually, her first date with Weston was him going to see one of her shows!  With that, their wedding program read like a play and everyone was “casted” into their specified wedding roles!  The cast was even bestowed stage names!  

Weston may have lost track of time… He came running around the back corner of the ceremony with a hiking backpack on at JUST the last moment.  ;)  Luckily, his brothers remembered to grab his jacket for him.  

There were SO many tears of joy at this ceremony!  It was a sweet one filled with personal stories, favorite bible verses, and a long heritage of happy, successful marriages!  To meet the family average of years of marriage, Weston and Rebecca will be married 55 years!  That is a FABULOUS support system, which, I’m sure, is filled with solid marriage advice and cheerleaders!  

Rebecca and Weston’s grandparents were their ring bearer and flower girls!  It was a sweet way to honor those special in their lives who have already had successful marriages!  The added bonus was that none of them ran the other direction, threw a fit, or cried because everyone was looking at them!  HA!  This group definitely gets the award for best behaved ring bearer and flower girls!  

Inside the barn, the wedding cake table and gift tables were decorated with wedding photos of their parents and grandparents!  These two definitely have a great heritage of strong marriages!  It was also fun to see their families’ wedding invitations and cake toppers!

Rebecca and Weston didn’t eat their wedding cake!  They put icing on the other one’s nose! HA!

Rebecca absolutely LOVED her wedding dress and wanted a shot of it fluttering in the wind.  Well, we can’t exactly control the wind, so her friend Robby helped out with the below right shot!  So worth it!  Thank you for your help, Robby!  

Her dress was definitely a twirling dress!  

Weston’s dance with his mom was the complete opposite of Rebecca’s dance with her dad!  One was super sweet, with kisses on the forehead, while the other was SUPER energetic, complete with head banging and jumping!  If I was guessing, I would say that each sum up their personalities perfectly.  

Rebecca and Weston, THANK YOU for trusting me to document your day, your friends and family, and your love for one another.  I had an absolute blast at your wedding and truly enjoyed working with you BOTH!  You kept things exciting AND personal throughout your day.  Thank you for including me in your special day and making me feel like a friend!  Your wedding was the first one I’ve been included to eat with the family or had a guest bring me a glass of water while I was shooting portraits.  Those sweet touches will always be appreciated and your beautiful day always remembered.  Thank you!

– Mylah Renae

Wildflower Barn Wedding Photographer



Texas Hill Country Wedding Venue: Wildflower Barn: Bluebonnet Barn

Wimberley Wedding Florist: Wow Factor Floral

Caterer: Root Cellar in San Marcos

Wildflower Barn Wedding Photographer: Eureka Photography

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